Terry Hinesly on his 13th running of the Mail Run 1996.He is also a veteran of the Iditarod Race and the last few years has been a judge on the Iditarod, keeping him away from The mail Run

Carolyn Hinesly has long been an important part of organizing the mail run. She has also made the run 4 times.

Photos by Jackie Schlaf 1996

Bev Meyers Malamutes on the open Dunes looking back toward Horsfall Beach


The 1998 Commemorative envelope. Bob Young's team at dawn on Horsfall beach during the 1994 mail Run. Photo by Margaret Black


Each Envelope is postmarked at each end of the run, North Bend and Florence, Oregon and signed by the musher who carried it over the trail.

Envelopes from many past mail Runs are still available at the issue price, other are rare indeed. For this year's dates, to buy 2000 and past envelopes, T Shirts, Hats and other Dune Mushers Mail Run items and other information, please contact:

Susan Callahan

Phone 541-677-8393

Oregon Dune Mushers, P.O. Box 841, North Bend, OR  97459.

New 2001 images

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