Huskies tend to be pretty intense. Their focus is on their job, second place is food. This crew is rested and are getting antsy to go again.

Photo by Jackie Schlaf 1996

The Dogs are mostly Alaskan Huskies, as in the foreground team and Siberian Huskies the as are the grey dog in the background.

Photo by Jackie Schlaf 1996

Other Nordic breeds represented in the mail run are Inuit Dogs and Samoyeds pictured here and Alaskan Malamutes (Right). But many breeds have been employed by mushers and a few of the other breeds that have participated in the Mail Run are Labradors, Belguim Tervuran, Bouvier De Flanders, Portugese Water Dog and Border Collie.

Photo by Jackie Schlaf 1996

Bev Meyers' Alaskan Malamutes

Photo by Bev Meyers 1998

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