The final little dune at Winchester Bay below the lighthouse Saturday afternoon 1996

Don Duncan's Samoyed Team and Bob Young's Siberians

Photos Jacky Schlaf 1996

The teams gather below the Lighthouse at Winchester Bay. They wait until all the teams are in and then run into town on the road. Pictured are Ken Griffith, Cheryl Liddle, Susan Calahan and Bob Young.

The teams are on veiw at the end of the run Sarurday at the boat basin in Winchester Bay.This is another opportunity for spectators to meet the teams of dogs and mushers.

Photo by Jackie Schlaf 1996

Lee Eberle's Siberian team with his handler.The dogs are still strong at the end of the second day for the parade into Old Town Florence. So the better part of valor when running on pavement is to carry a passenger to slow them down!

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