TheTeams are lined up side by side along main Street after parading into Lakeside to the ringing of the church bell. The spectators get a chance to see the teams close up and talk to the mushers at this lunch stop on Saturday. After about 45 minutes of rest, water and a snack, the dogs had enough of this rest stuff and start howling to go again, the rest of the stay is very noisy!

Photo by Alie Ortiz1995

At Winchester Bay below the lighthouse Saturday afternoon 1996, Terry Hinesly with Ruby in Lead. Terry Ran the mail run more times over than any other Musher. 13 runs over an 18 year span He missed it 3 times for the Iditarod and twice handed off the team to his wife Cari.

Photo Jacky Schlaf 1996

After an hours stop in Lakeside the teams are more than eager to be on their way! They are escorted by Lakeside's fire truck as they exit town down the road,once back on the Dunes, they travel on to Lighthouse beach at Winchester Bay.

Terry Hinesly's Team is "flying" out of town

Photo by Alie Ortiz 1995

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