For many years the first rest stop was 11 miles into the run at the "Whale Boat" on the Sea wall between beach and Dunes. There were only a few pieces of iron marking the old wreck visible in 1981. Mushers are Linda Robertson, Alan Iverson and Phil Armstrong. Laurel Tofflemire's team in foreground.

Bob Jones and Tom Wright, waiting for slower teams to catch up and having a snack break. Specially made high energy meat and honey balls for the dogs, while the mushers mostly eat junk food.

Photos by Laurel Tofflemire 1981

Tom Wright once discribed the sensation of running off the really big dunes as "Just like Running your team off the roof of a three story building"

1981 Laurel Tofflemire, Phil Armstrong waiting on top

This dune near carter lake no longer exists. In the ever changing and moving dunes this one just migrated into the hillside where the photogragher was sitting when taking this photo.

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